Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

"Platypus Theatre made magic once again with this fresh take on the classic Peter and the Wolf. The creative use of masks, mime, humour and music kept my young students engaged throughout, and bubbling with excitement when they reflected back on the experience. This production’s detailed and sensitive attention to the music will delight educators and children alike. The updates to the storyline preserve the fun of the original, while nodding to the contemporary context."

Catherine West, Coordinator, Music AQ programs, OISE/University of Toronto, Editor, Ostinato, Carl Orff Music for Children/Musique pour enfants

"Platypus Theatre's Peter and the Wolf is a wonderful, contemporary re-telling of an evergreen classic.  No longer a folk tale, it becomes a story filled with contemporary references and relevance, providing even more traction for students to become engaged, enthralled and entertained.  It is always refreshing to find such a clever, well-informed, musical and fun take on a classic!"

David Amado, Guest Conductor, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

"Thank you Platypus Theatre and Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra for putting on a great show! It was great sharing my love for theatre an music with my little ones!"

Audience Member, Ann Arbor, Michigan


"The concert was a great experience for all - students and adults alike. It was well done and showed creativity in engaging the students - I appreciated hearing the full orchestra and the introduction to some of the instruments for the students. I'm committed to encouraging young people to enjoy classical music and a wonderful orchestra. Thank you! Merci!"

Teacher, Montreal


"Platypus Theatre complemented the concert very well! Great visual effect and excellent explanations."

Educator, Montreal


"I thoroughly enjoyed this year's presentation. My students were quite taken by the concert. Many of my colleagues were very impressed with the concert and the presentation."

Teacher, Montreal

Gimquat Square

How the Gimquat Found Her Song

"It culminates in a magical surprise that makes the performance into something deeply moving and emotionally satisfying.”

Saint Paul Pioneer Press

“… you could have heard a pin drop as 1,700 children held their collective breath.” 

Hamilton Spectator  


“A gem of a family show!”

Minneapolis Star Tribune    

"...the eventual conclusion is one of bewitching beauty that leaves the audience teary-eyed."

Saint John Times Globe

"I was completely blown away with the Platypus Theatre show “How the Gimquat Found Her Song”. I have heard nothing but great comments from the teachers about the way we are able to incorporate music education in a fun, entertaining and interactive way. If we continue to use brilliant artists such as Peter Duschenes coupled with our fantastic orchestra, it could only mean great things to come by planting a seed with this next generation of music lovers. Congrats to all!"

Laura Weber, National Arts Centre Orchestra


“Words simply cannot express our delight with Platypus Theatre’s performance of “How the Gimquat Found Her Song” with the Alabama Symphony. In a world where children’s entertainment has become a sugar-coated, formulaic, money-making machine, Platypus delivers a transcendent experience in which children and adults alike are challenged to think on a higher level.  "Gimquat” strikes a perfect balance between showcasing the talent of the orchestra, teaching the history of Western music, and most importantly, inspiring creativity, imagination, and individuality in all who see it. Rarely have I seen the orchestra musicians as engaged as the audience! You are special people doing something special for the world.  I truly look forward to working together again!

Meghan Heinrich, Education Director, Alabama Symphony Orchestra.

"The production was beautifully written and beautifully performed. It had all of the elements I look for in children's concerts: great orchestral repertoire with the focus on the music and the orchestra, an engaging story and quality acting and presentation."

Jim Bartsch, Education Director, Minnesota Orchestra


"Superb...kept the audience enthralled...both magical and educational. A successful combination of drama, good repertoire, subtle education and entertainment. It's always a pleasure to re-engage a company that consistently brings productions of the highest quality to our symphony."

Roberta Smith, Director of Education, Toronto Symphony Orchestra


"I've played for countless young-people’s concerts and found your production to be the most entertaining and interesting one I've ever seen. I can't imagine a symphony in North America that wouldn't benefit from working with the folks at Platypus Theatre. Bravo to you and your capable staff. Thanks for providing a valuable and unique product to the symphonic market. May you continue to be more and more successful – and hurry back to Utah!"

Kenny Hodges, Musician, Salt Lake City


"One of the rare times I have conducted a family concert where the reactions among children, parents, and orchestra musicians were all equally enthusiastic. The reasons are plain enough: Platypus Theater combines a compelling story, beautifully presented with the highest quality music, resulting in a program which allows the orchestra to play what it plays best while enlightening and entertaining audience members of all ages."

Andrews Sill, Associate Conductor, Milwaukee Symphony


"The show was fantastic. Exposing elementary children to classical music is not easily done. I love the way the program interwove the musical and dramatic portions. As a teacher with strong music and theatre background I can honestly say it was the best program and presentation we could have hoped for. Well done! I look forward to your next visit to Sagebrush Theatre."

James Clark, Teacher, Merritt, BC


"An incredible recipe that you’ve put together…Passion…?insight… humor… beautiful music… history…audience participation… all added up to a very successful performance!"

Teacher, Minneapolis, MN


"The response was tremendous! The high caliber of performance and educational value in this production is unique in contemporary symphonic programming. In addition, the emotional attachment the audience had to the characters by the end of the show was such that there was not a dry eye to be found anywhere! I have, and will continue to give Platypus Theatre my highest praise."

Sara Moody, Director of Operations, Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra


"I look forward to working with you again. A fabulous musical experience! First class... one of the most enjoyable productions for young people that we have ever featured"

Alan D. Valentine, Executive Director, Oklahoma City Philharmonic


"...entertaining, informative, beautiful and first rate in all respects. Fully professional, of high artistic quality, and extremely appealing to our audience and orchestra alike. We will definitely engage them again."

Ginny Garrett, Director of Education, Houston Symphony


"Saw your incredibly polished, professional show with my daughter yesterday and was delighted and moved by the story of searching, transformation and rebirth. The music was great too! P.S. I have never seen a performance that has moved me to write before."

Monica Fiederer, Victoria, BC


"We just wanted to write and say thanks for coming to Salt Lake with your outstanding show! We hope you will come back to our city in the near future with another one. They are so valuable for our children and the appreciation they gain for beautiful music and clean, fun and entertaining shows such as yours are much needed in our society today. We anxiously await your return. Thanks again!!"

The Sommer Family, Kaysville, UT


"I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from other teachers, parents and students. The blend of storytelling and music was marvelous. Thank you!"

Teacher, Minneapolis, MN


"My children were enthralled from beginning to end."

Parent, Minneapolis

Emily Saves the Orchestra

Emily Saves the Orchestra

"My 6 year old son and I LOVED your show. The story was so clever, the acting and dancing was wonderful, the music selections were perfect, and the ending moved me to tears. My son loves "Ode to Joy" and could barely contain himself when the "spirit song" was played. Thank you so much for helping to inspire a new generation of classical music lovers!"

Laura, Parent, Raleigh, North Carolina


"Masterful puppetry and acting turned classical music into a visual delight. ‘Emily Saves The Orchestra’ presents music as a colorful adventure"

Edmonton Sunday Sun


"...a brilliantly constructed show. A perfect blend of entertainment and esthetic education. It delights parents as much as the young people they bring."

C. Stephen Smith, General Manager, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra


"Saturday's program was perhaps the most touching and revealing testimony to the power of music the power of the spirit that I have witnessed. It was beautiful on the deepest level. I can't tell you how grateful I am that we had the opportunity to be a part of it."

Donald Thulean, Board Member, Seattle Symphony


"...the perfect pastime for a Sunday afternoon."

Arthur Kaptainis, Montreal Gazette


"Superb...kept the audience enthralled...both magical and educational. A successful combination of drama, good repertoire, subtle education and entertainment. It's always a pleasure to re-engage a company that consistently brings productions of the highest quality to our symphony."

Roberta Smith, Director of Education, Toronto Symphony Orchestra


"...entertaining, informative, beautiful and first rate in all respects. Fully professional, of high artistic quality, and extremely appealing to our audience and orchestra alike. We will definitely engage them again."

Ginny Garrett, Director of Education, Houston Symphony


"A wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable performance. We received a lot of feedback from the musicians of the NACO...who praised the production for its effectiveness both musically and theatrically..."

Claire Speed, Education Director, National Arts Centre Orchestra


"Seeing two thousand kids sitting motionless in their seats, wide eyes glued to the stage and then bursting into applause convinced us that Platypus Theatre has the perfect recipe to reach children with the magic of music. The production combined education and entertainment in a subtle way. The music, being at the centre of the story at all times, encouraged the children to listen carefully to each musical selection."

Paul Fortin, Music Administrator, Montreal Symphony Orchestra

A Flicker of Light on a Winter's Night

A Flicker of Light on a Winter's Night

"...the script was creative while educational, and it was well received by the audience - adults and children alike. "A Flicker of Light on Winter'''s Night" is the type of holiday program I look for: a quality, thought-provoking, engaging program with a hint of magic the season asks for."

Valerie Nelson, Director of Operations at Charleston Symphony Orchestra


"Much more than a musical journey. It moved through time and tradition, culture and origin and told it all in an entertaining way."

Barrie Examiner


"We loved the Christmas concert! We came out floating on a cloud. It was different, amazing and every child should see that concert."

Patricia, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON


"This Christmas concert was the best ever! The format was excellent."

James, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON


"I would like to congratulate the symphony on a magnificent Christmas show. My wife and I attended with another couple and we all agreed this was the best one ever. It was interesting, informative and educational. Keep up the good work."

Lloyd, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON


"Well worth the ticket."

Kitchener Record


"My 5 year old son and I saw A Flicker of Light on a Winter's Night today with the Nashville Symphony and it is the best show we have seen so far in the Pied Piper Series. It was a fun, thoughtful, educational and open show. Great work, I would definitely like to know if you will be doing anything else in the Nashville area."

Eric Mader, Nashville, TN

Bach to the Future

Bach to the Future

"The best school performance we have ever attended!"

Susan Ringrose, Teacher, Empire Public School


"...left our capacity audience thrilled at the highest level!"

Paul Ferrington, Guest Conductor, Buffalo Philharmonic


"Thanks for a wonderful concert on Sunday. "Bach to the Future" is such an engaging and entertaining program, and I've heard many, many positive comments about your performance. It was great working with you - I hope to see you again soon."

Patrick Reynolds, Conductor, Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra


"It's always a pleasure to re-engage a company that consistently brings productions of the highest quality to our symphony."

Roberta Smith, Manager of Education, Toronto Symphony Orchestra


"These performers know kids and how to engage them."

Saint Paul Pioneer Press

Charlotte and the Music-Maker

Charlotte and the Music-Maker

"Wonderful. The best way to combat cabin fever you’ll ever find."

Winnipeg Free Press


"Congratulations on two very successful shows last Saturday! Your performance was most outstanding and you certainly have a wonderful way of keeping the kids' attention!!!"

Kellie Abercrombie, Education Associate, National Arts Centre Orchestra


"Amazing! The performer and the orchestra had the rapt attention of the packed symphony hall. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing event."

C. Billmyer, Chicago, IL


"Absolutely delightful! A great way to introduce symphonic music to children. Thank you for an awesome afternoon!"

L. Novodvorsky, Edmonton, AB

Rhythm in your Rubbish

Rhythm in your Rubbish

"Platypus Theatre has performed with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra many times over the years and each show has been entertaining, educating, inspiring and of the highest quality. They are a delight to work with!"

Claire Stokes, Program Manager, West Australian Symphony Orchestra


"Children laughed, clapped and watched entranced for 60 minutes as the two mime artists explored the percussive potential of buckets, bottles, utensils and pipes, accompanied by the lush sound of a full symphony orchestra."

The West Australian


"Their genius lies in an instant yet profound connection with children and that elixir for children's souls, minds and imaginations - music."

Hamilton Spectator


"… they proceed for an hour, without a single word, to create magic with brilliant mime and a treasure trove of rubbish that tinkles, bangs, whistles and sings."

Hamilton Spectator


"Here is where "Rhythm in Your Rubbish" transcends the usual classical orchestra children's show. It trusts the music."

Hamilton Spectator

Presto Mambo

Presto, Mambo!

“Our audiences have been absolutely enthralled AND the musicians love it which is the highest praise possible.  I’ve heard the phrase ‘this is the best kids show possibly ever’ several times.” 

Brent Johnson, Education Director, Winnipeg Symphony

"Our student audiences were dancing in their seats and enraptured by the rhythmic pulses of Latin America. Platypus Theatre's brilliant dramaturgy and storytelling were woven seamlessly in and out of the orchestra and kept our students on the edge of their seats. Bravo!"

Genevieve Cimon, Director of Education, The National Arts Centre Orchestra


"I loved the show! I was only going to stay to take a few photos but I stayed to the end because it was so entertaining!"

Caroline Markos, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra PR Associate


"Our family just saw your incredible performance in Rohnert Park (first symphony experience for our daughter), and now that we have made such a connection with these beautiful pieces we really want to keep hearing them! Thank you!"

Audience member, Santa Rosa, CA

"The actors are there to enhance the music, engage the audience and tell a short tale. In no way does their presence distract from the wonderful music of the exceptional Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The entire performance was kid-centric. From endearing characters on stage, to multiple requests from volunteers to come up to the stage, to sing-along moments, to previously made crafts being incorporated into the show, the kids felt a part of the entire hour long performance."

Review on Family Fun Vancouver 

"I had the great pleasure of taking my children to see your show today with the Dayton Youth Orchestra. ... I feel like my children got to experience the "real thing": feeling, listening, learning, singing, and dancing with Presto Mambo. The orchestra came alive for my children today. Thank you for your work and we look forward to seeing you again when you return to the Midwest."

Audience member, Dayton, OH

"Wow! Perfect mix of music, fun, educational experience."

Teacher, Winnipeg, MB

"My students loved every minute of it. They were caught up in all the emotions of the actors, puppets and the music."

Teacher, Winnipeg, MB