An incredible history. An exciting future.

For our 25th anniversary, we’re pulling out all the stops. Platypus Theatre isn’t just keeping up momentum, we’re surging forward into the next 25 years. To do this, we're changing things up a bit. Every year we recommit ourselves to offering high-quality productions for young audiences in an intelligent, engaging and fun way, but this year the look of things is also changing dramatically. We’re updating our costumes and photos, we have brand new illustrations and even the platypus in our logo is getting a makeover. 

And what’s more? New shows! Last year we premiered our very own take on Peter and the Wolf, which is now open for booking internationally. This year, we’re collaborating with four symphonies across Canada to create a dynamic new show featuring spicy repertoire. Latin Beats, Heroic Feats will debut in Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver this year, so please come to one of our performances  to check it out. 

And not to brag, but as a birthday present to ourselves we’ve hired some of Canada’s most amazing arts administrators and creative types to help bring Platypus Theatre into this new era.

Lisa Griffiths of Dynamic Direction
Lisa has been in charge of all things strategic. She has been integral to this entire re-branding and envisioning of how Platypus will operate as we move into this next chapter. She put together the 25th anniversary team, and is also drawing on her profound knowledge of music education programming to provide input into the new productions.

Jennifer Petrilli , Marketing and Communications
Jennifer has come on board to guide our marketing and social media efforts going forward. She has also written most of what you are reading on our new website. Including the words you’re reading right now. Isn’t she fantastic? She wrote that too.

Kinnon Elliott , Illustrator
Aren't the stunning new show illustrations fantastic? We think they're a terrific marketing tool, and we're delighted to offer them to our presenters for their promotional purposes.

Woodward Design , Logo Design
Doesn’t our new platypus look dapper? Our up-to-date and striking logo is the brainchild of Woodward Design.

Bo Huang , Photographer
We just loved our sessions with Bo. He and his partner Yan were so much fun to work with and helped to bring out the essence of each character as seen in our fantastic new promo photos.

Glynis Bateson and Julia Holbert, Costume Makers
Our characters are stylin’ thanks to these two. Their tireless efforts throughout the summer helped bring a vivid and modern new look to our shows. We can’t wait to show off our new masks, costumes and props! 

Thank you to everyone! We can barely contain our excitement.

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