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As we emerge from the pandemic, children need the inspiration of music more than ever.  Let us reignite your family concerts with the magic of a Platypus Theatre show.  

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Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Presto, Mambo!
2:00 PM - Family Concert

Toronto Symphony Orchestra
How the Gimquat Found Her Song
1:30 PM & 4:00 PM

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
A Flicker of Light on a Winter's Night
2:00 PM - Family Concert

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A gift for you and your audiences
We stand alongside our orchestra partners in these challenging times. To do our part, we are pleased to offer the award-winning television adaptation of How the Gimquat Found Her Song, produced in partnership with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Read more
05 May, 2020

Students love BACH to the future!
We received some great feedback after a tremendous kick-off to our 2019-2020 Season with a total of five (two family and three student) concerts of "Bach to the Future" (aka aBACHcadabra) with the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Read more
07 Nov, 2019

What an incredible season we'll be embarking on next year!
In 2019-2020 we will be circling the globe and visiting old and new friends in one of our busiest seasons to date! Here are some of the highlights: Read more
06 Jun, 2019

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